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Alcohol poses serious risk when temperatures are bitterly cold

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Water St. in downtown Milwaukee will be a hub of entertainment when the parties get underway on New Year’s Eve. But if you’re one of the many people expected to hit the bars and clubs to celebrate, there are some safety steps you need to take.

First and foremost, don’t drink and drive. But additionally, you need to be very aware of how bitterly cold it is outside.

“Though we typically think  of alcohol as warming us up, it really does not do that. It gives us a sensation of heat, but what really is happening is the blood vessels in your skin are dilating and that actually lets off heat though it does give you a sensation of heat while that’s happening,” said Dr. Ian Powell of Rogers Memorial Hospital.

That means you might feel warm, but your body’s actually at risk of serious injury if you’re out in the winter elements for too long and not dressed properly.

Packers, 49ers square off at Lambeau Field, only on FOX6

GREEN BAY (WITI) — FOX6 will be offering extended coverage of the matchup between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers when Sunday, January 5th rolls around.

If you don’t have tickets to the big game, tune in to FOX6 early on Sunday. Our FOX6 Blitz pre-game show begins at 2:30 p.m. Then stick around for the FOX pre-game coverage at 3 p.m. The kickoff to the game comes shortly after 3:30 p.m.

After the game, stay tuned for FOX’s post-game coverage — and then a special FOX6 Blitz post-game show starting at 7 p.m.

FOX6 caps off a day of playoff football with the FOX Sports Blitz at 10:35 p.m.

VIDEO: Packers fans capture their reaction to beating the Bears

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — When the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers threw that touchdown pass to Randall Cobb to take the lead against the Bears on Sunday, December 29th, homes and bars everywhere erupted with joy!

Some fans turned the video camera on themselves — and shared that moment on YouTube. Take a look at the collection below — and if you have a reaction video to share, email it to fox6news@fox6now.com and use the subject line: Packers-Bears reaction.

VIDEO: Badgers football team reacts to Packers victory

ORLANDO, FL (WITI) — The Wisconsin Badgers football team was in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, December 29th when the Packers locked up a playoff spot by beating the Chicago Bears.

The team’s reaction to the victory is absolutely priceless — and was probably echoed in households across the Badger State.

NOTE: Take a look at the Bears fan in the middle of the chaos.

12 departments called in to battle massive barn fire in Mequon

MEQUON (WITI) — Fire crews were called to the scene of a massive barn fire in Mequon on Wednesday morning, December 25th.

The fire started around 6:00 a.m. Christmas morning, and about 12 hours later, the barn was still smoldering and smoke was seen rising from what is left of the barn.

12 fire departments from across the area stepped in to help — and those fire crews didn’t leave the scene until about 1:00 p.m.

The barn was 100 years old — and there were about 20 cows inside the barn when the fire started.

The owner of the Schoessow Dairy Farm helped to get the animals out safely — and no one was injured.

The family patriarch grew up working in the barn. He got a scary awakening on Christmas morning when he realized the barn was on fire.

Where in the world is Santa Claus? Check NORAD’s Santa Radar

NORTH POLE (WITI) — All the preparations are in place for Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas night. Now you can track his progress as he delivers toys to boys and girls everywhere. Just click the SANTA RADAR.

For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight.

The tradition began in 1955 after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. advertisement for children to call Santa misprinted the telephone number. Instead of reaching Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD Commander-in-Chief’s operations “hotline.” The Director of Operations at the time, Colonel Harry Shoup, had his staff check the radar for indications of Santa making his way south from the North Pole. Children who called were given updates on his location, and a tradition was born.

Mequon motorists make their way through the snow

MEQUON (WITI) — Mequon was one of the hardest hit areas during the overnight snow storm. Road crews and motorists battled the snow-covered roads Sunday morning, December 22nd.

“The plows are out. Law enforcement is out and helping stranded motorists but overall, not too bad” said one driver who traveled from Two Rivers.

Dan Berth with Nate’s Landscaping began clearing area parking lots starting at 4 a.m.

“Just drive slow. Give yourself breaking time. You’ll make it,” said Berth. “There was like a foot snow in Ozaukee County by five corners.”

The Santangelo family from Ridgewood, New Jersey plowed through the heavy snow on their way to Lambeau Field Sunday morning.

“We’re on our way up to Green Bay to go see the game,” said Sandy Santangelo. “I finally get to wear my cheese head and not be booed,” added her daughter, Alex.